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Ceiling bracket for 16 mm and 20mm aluminium profiles, complete bracket system with adjustable length.

Award winner 2003


Ceiling bracket for 16 and 20mm aluminium profiles, lenghts available: from 5 up to 45 cm, single or double rod

Ceiling fix for aluminium profiles, complete bracket system with variable lenghts, incl. support material made of stainless steel V2A, perfect for shower curtain.

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max. 7 workdays
Profile systems of aluminium: ceiling bracket of V2A stainless steel, height from 5 up to 45cm
Ceiling mount for aluminium profiles by Stahldeko, also for corner window or bay window: Ceiling brackets provides any distance from wall and with lengths from 5 up to 45cm very variable distances from curtain rod to ceiling. Very stable socket fix suits also for heavy draperies. Ceiling bracket and aluminium profile combine functional advantages of inside rail tube with possibilities of unlimited sliding of curtain for corner windows or bay windows in full. The basic elements 90-grade-bow, inner bow, outer bow, round bow as well as bracket, double rod bracket, wall bracket offer solutions for complex room decoration situations. Aluminium profile system with ceiling fix and aluminium bow also suits for shower curtains and room dividers. All components of the system are consequently fitted to each other.
Ceiling fix for aluminium rods with inside rail: Single and double rod mounting system
Ceiling bracket for aluminium profiles, Single and double rod mounting system
Mount screw-fixed plate with two Spax-screws on the ceiling. Screw the socket on screw-fixed plate. Push in the sliding plate with a hanger bolt into the upper track of aluminium rail. Screw the bracket foot on the hanger bolt. Push the bracket foot into the socket and tighten it with a set screw.
Examples of use:
Ceiling bracket and aluminium rods
20 and 16mm
 Ceiling bracket and aluminium profile with wall bracket, perfect for shower curtain
shower curtain solution: ceiling bracket (with lengths from 5 up to 45cm available), aluminium profile 16 or 20mm,  Aluminium curve shaped as outer bow, with two sideward wall bracket rod holders. This profile system provides free sliding of curtain through the corner from one side to the other.
 Ceiling brackets for aluminium tubes, variable height, with straight aluminium rods
Ceiling fix with straight aluminium rods and ceiling brackets variable at length. Ceiling brackets  with heights from 5 up to 45cm available, fitted rods 16 or 20mm, with inside rail, slider with OB Hook, different finials of stainless steel.
 Ceiling fix for aluminium profiles, suits for outer and inner corner
Outer corner solution: Mounting with 4 ceiling brackets, aluminium profile  20mm with slider and OB hook, aluminium curve shaped as outer bow. Ceiling brackets with lengths from 5 up to 45cm available.
description: Ceiling bracket for aluminum profiles 16 and 20mm
(depending on modification): 
V2A - stainless steel 18/10, DIN WNR 1.4301, inox, heat resistant, impact resistant, suitable for indoor and outdoor use, easy to clean
Machining: high accuracy machining with CNC-automatic lathe
Surface: polished surfaces, very good optical homogeneity, Particle distribution 240, Innovative, wear resistant, stainless steel brushed glossy surface
Suitable: for all aluminium profiles with interior track
Dimensions: Lengths from 5 to 45cm, rail distance (2-rail) - 50mm
extras: Recomm. accessory: profiles made of aluminium 16 and 20mm





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Ceiling bracket for 16 mm and 20mm aluminium profiles, complete bracket system with adjustable length.

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