Designer Curtain Rods and Shower Curtain Rods, Wardrobe Rails and Kitchen Railing directly from the manufacturer

Online shop of Stahldeko-Metalldesign: Designer decor items for interior design made of stainless steel Nirosta V2A, brass, and aluminum available for direct order in the shop. We manufacture designer curtain rods and decorative accessories for window decoration, bathroom fittings, and kitchen furnishings.
Our online store offers you curtain rods made of stainless steel and brass, curtain tracks made of aluminum, custom-made shower curtain rods, shower curtains, and modern towel holders for bathroom design, railing systems for kitchen design, and an extensive range of decorative accessories for your interior design ideas.
Stahldeko products are perfectly coordinated and complement the exceptional metal design. Stahldeko decorative items seamlessly blend into a modern and elegant ambiance, exuding understated elegance.

Products in Curtain Rods

At Stahldeko-Metalldesign, you'll find curtain rods that leave no desires unmet in terms of their unique designs and outstanding quality. We manufacture straight or curved rods from stainless steel, aluminum, and brass, even custom-made to your specifications.

Bestselling Products in Shower Curtain Rods

Designer shower curtain rods for showers, bathtubs, or floor-level, barrier-free shower areas in the bathroom. Manufactured with stainless steel tubing or aluminum inner track, straight or curved, standard or custom-made to measure.

Bestsellers in Aluminum Tracks

Inner track systems made of aluminum by Stahldeko are suitable for use in all areas. Straight and curved curtain tracks made of aluminum for commercial spaces and modern apartments, also custom-made according to your sketch.

Recommended Products in Bathroom Equipment

Stahldeko designs for the bathroom: Aluminum and stainless steel accessories for bathroom furnishings. With just a few changes, our decorative items enhance the bathroom with sophisticated design. All products for bathroom furnishings and bathroom equipment are also available as individual pieces.

Railing Systems and Accessories in Kitchen Equipment

Stainless steel design for kitchen equipment: Stahldeko kitchen accessories for kitchen furnishings. In this product category, you will find design products made of stainless steel for kitchen furnishings and kitchen equipment.

Clothing Rails and Accessories in Wardrobes

Stainless steel wardrobes for the entrance hall and corridor. Stahldeko offers wardrobe rods and clothing rails made from rods with Ø 10, 16, 20 and 28mm. Upon request, we can also offer custom-made products.