Ceiling Mounting and Installation of Curtain Rods with Round Tube

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Mount and install round tube curtain rods on the ceiling
Mount and install round tube curtain rods on the ceiling.

Depending on requirements, the curtain rods from Steeldeco Metalldesign can be attached both to the wall and to the ceiling. The timeless design of our stainless steel curtain rods is a must for modern window decoration and allows you to perfectly match loop scarves, eyelet curtains or curtains with pleat gliders to your window decoration when mounting and attaching to the ceiling. In a stylishly furnished home, the products of Steeldeco Metalldesign should not be missing.

Blinds box or full glass window make the installation difficult? No problem, mount your curtain rod on the ceiling!

If a full glass window is in the way, you can mount the curtain rod on the ceiling
Glass front up to the ceiling prevents the curtain rod from being attached to the wall? A good alternative is ceiling mounting.
Blinds boxes don't allow wall mounting, but you can also mount the curtain rods on the ceiling.
Blinds box prevents wall mounting? Then mount the curtain rods on the ceiling, so you can also realize any wall distance.