Kitchen Equipment

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Stainless steel design for kitchen equipment: Stahldeko kitchen accessories for kitchen furnishings.
In this product group you will find design products made of stainless steel for kitchen furnishings and kitchen equipment. Stahldeko offers in several versions and different sizes railing systems and roll holders, towel holders and towel bars, wall hooks, furniture handles and shelves in simple stainless steel design. Kitchen items and kitchen accessories are made of high quality stainless steel and are perfectly coordinated.

Application examples for kitchen equipment: Kitchen railing and stainless steel railing

Kitchen articles: Kitchen railing post 16, as a corner solution for worktop or wall

Information on Kitchen railing post 16

Stainless steel railing Sont 10, as a demarcation for the hob on the worktop or kitchen shelf demarcation

Information on Stainless steel railing Sont 10