Railing Systems for Your Kitchen

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Your kitchen is enlarged with Stahldeko stainless steel railing models.
Create more space to work and additional storage space in your kitchen with our well thought-out railing systems made of stainless steel. Everything you don't need at the moment, you simply hang on the railing rod, so the active work area on the worktop is enlarged and all kitchen work tools, kitchen utensils, towels and pot holders remain close by and are always at hand. A railing on which ladles, cooking spoons and ladles can be hung is very practical and, thanks to the special V2A stainless steel railing carriers, very stable. And after cooking, everything is tidied up quickly again.
Stahldeko railing is always characterized by the highest quality, simple and modern design and unlimited customization options. For production, we only use rust-free V2A stainless steel, as this material is best suited for the kitchen, and is heat-resistant, impact-resistant and, especially important - extremely easy to care for. Stahldeko railing systems can be mounted on the wall, kitchen cabinets or worktop.
In our online shop you can order standard versions directly, but we also manufacture tailor-made railing solutions for you. For every corner, every bay, niche, slope or round wall, you get a railing made to measure from us. Just send us a sketch and you will get an offer for your individual railing.

Stahldeko Exclusive Custom Fabrication: Custom-Bent Railing Systems

In addition to standard forms of railing systems, we also offer all models of our railing in any other shape, bent and made absolutely according to your needs and room situation. Whether it's square bay windows in the kitchen, round and curved walls, unique countertop shapes, slopes, and angles - we offer tailor-made products for all of these.
Simply send your sketch or drawing by email or mail to us, and you will receive an offer immediately. Of course, all required railing supports, wall brackets, suspensions, and mounting materials are always included.
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Here are some shape examples of bent railing systems and railing rods

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Railing post 10, as towel holder in the kitchen for information

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