Bathroom Equipment

Stahldeko Design for the bathroom: Alu and stainless steel accessories for bathroom furnishing.
Just a few changes, our decorative items complement the bathroom with sophisticated design. The simple stainless steel rod in combination with the wall mount is ideal for separating the bathtub or shower. Aluminum tubes with an inner channel in various forms combined with the ceiling mount for aluminum rails are perfect for shower partitions in the bathroom. Steel hooks, stainless steel rings with hooks or gliders with pleating hooks ensure trouble-free shower curtain attachment. Shower curtains with eyelets or loops can be attached directly to the stainless steel rod. Stahldeko offers solutions for straight, round or square shower partitions, but also special solutions according to specifications are possible. We offer towel holders and towel rods made of stainless steel in various sizes and designs, also in special lengths on request. Wall hooks and toilet paper holders in a simple design complete our program for bathroom furnishing and bathroom equipment. All products for bathroom furnishing and bathroom equipment are also available as individual parts.

Products in Shower Curtain Rods

Design shower curtain rods for showers, bathtubs, or floor-level, barrier-free shower areas in the bathroom. Manufactured with stainless steel tubes or aluminum inner-running profiles, straight or curved, standard or custom-made to measure.

Products in Towel Holder Accessories

Stainless steel design for the bathroom: Stahldeko towel holders and accessories for bathroom furnishings. In this product category, you will soon find design products made of stainless steel for bathroom furnishings and bathroom equipment.

Products in Shower Curtains

High-quality textile shower curtains for Stahldeko shower curtain rods. Stahldeko shower curtains made of 100% polyester for showers or bathtubs, available in various sizes and colors, along with matching accessories.

Products in Paper Holders and Roll Holders

WC accessories from Stahldeko Design: Stainless steel paper holders, roll holders, and toilet paper holders for bathroom and toilet furnishings. Our decorative items and accessories quickly and easily complement your bathroom and toilet with the simple Stahldeko design.

Products in Individual Parts and Accessories

Bathroom fittings and bathroom equipment for self-assembly. We offer all Stahldeko bathroom products and bathroom accessories as individual parts for DIY bathroom decoration and bath items.

Nickel-plated steel hook

Ring hook made of nickel-plated steel, for tubes and rods Ø 10 and Ø 16 mm. For custom fabrication and expansion of decor sets.