Spare parts and accessories for kitchen rails

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Assemble your individual rail yourself with Stahldeko rail accessories.
Basic elements of every rail are rod or pipe, carrier elements and suspension aids. We manufacture all rail individual parts and spare parts from Nirosta V2A stainless steel, which guarantees you the best technical and hygienic properties in the kitchen area.
All individual parts are heat-resistant, impact-resistant and, what is particularly important in the kitchen - extremely easy to maintain. The carriers are specially tuned for the kitchen, the stainless steel pipes and rods can be ordered in any length. With the steel hooks, you can hang pots and appliances, ladles and soup ladles, kitchen utensils, towels and pot holders. The distance between 2 rail carriers should not exceed 90cm for 16mm pipe, and 70cm for 10mm pipe. In longer rail systems, where intermediate carriers are also required, the distance between the rail holders should be as equal as possible, this makes your rail look visually better.
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Steel hook - Ring hook, rail hook, and rope hook, for pipes and rods with 10mm diameter

Nickel-plated steel hook

Ring hook made of nickel-plated steel, for tubes and rods Ø 10 and Ø 16 mm. For custom fabrication and expansion of decor sets.
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Rail accessories and rail individual parts: application examples

Kitchen design: Rail Sont10 custom-made, mounted over the corner of the worktop, we manufacture every shape for you, straight or curved

Kitchen design: Rail Sont10 custom-made

Rail systems Post 10, 2 rail carriers and rail pipe as a safe hob border or shelf security

Rail systems Post 10, 2 rail carriers and rail pipe information