Shower Curtain Rods for Shower and Bathtub, Straight and Curved

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Shower curtain rods from stahldeko, catalog brochure download

Design rods for shower curtain with stainless steel tube or inner profile made of aluminum

We offer Stahldeko shower curtain rods in all standard shapes or as custom-made products according to your specifications. Straight shower curtain rods are suitable for bathtub separation or separation of the shower cabin from one side. Shower partitions in L-shape for angular bathtubs and shower trays offer water protection from two sides. We offer shower curtain rods in U-shape for shower separation on three sides. Round shower curtain rods in quarter circle shape are suitable for round shower cabins or shower trays, special bends according to specifications are also possible. All our rods for shower curtains are available in various versions. The rods can be mounted on the wall or ceiling. Shower rods with internal aluminum tubes offer the possibility of unlimited sliding path of the shower curtain also over corners and all curves and are therefore perfect as a barrier-free, floor-level shower area for disabled showers. For trouble-free shower curtain attachment, steel hooks, stainless steel rings with hooks or sliders with pleat hooks are provided. Shower curtains with eyelets or loops can be attached directly to the stainless steel rod.

Shower curtain rods brochure download:

Shower curtain rods catalog in PDF formatStahldeko-Shower Curtain Rods

Exclusive Customizations: Shower Curtain Rods Bent to Measure and Customer Specifications

In addition to standard forms of shower rods for shower areas and bathtubs, we also offer all models of our curtain rods for showers in any other form—absolutely bent and manufactured according to your needs and spatial situations. Whether for a freestanding oval bathtub, corner shower and corner bath, pentagonal bathtub and trapezoidal shower tray, angled or rounded walls and ceilings, or other unique shower shapes—we offer you tailor-made bathroom curtain rods and shower poles.
Simply send your sketch or drawing by email or mail to us, and you will receive an offer without delay. Of course, all required wall and ceiling mounts, brackets for sloping roofs or sloping walls, suspensions, and mounting materials are always included in exclusive quality and design.
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Here are some examples of bent shower curtain rails and shower curtain bars presented, with photos from our customers:

Photo Gallery: Curved L-shaped shower curtain rods, custom-made to measure and according to customer requests, available in standard versions as well.