Custom-made curved curtain rods with round tubes or inner track profiles

we custom bend curtain rods in any shape, per your design, as a special order
Custom-made curved curtain rods with stainless steel tubes or aluminum inner track rods according to your design.

In this category of curtain rods, we offer you the option, in addition to the standard measurements, to round off your interior furnishings with the classy and custom-made design of our curtain rods. Whether as a semicircle or full circle, there are no limits to creativity and imagination here. The curtain rods from Stahldeko-Metalldesign are available in various sizes and shapes, thus offering a wide range of options for various tastes. It is our top priority to fulfill individual customer wishes and to create a modern ambiance together with you.
Possible Applications: Curtain rods in the living area, wind protection curtain rods and cold protection curtains outdoors, room dividers and dressing cabins in sales areas, privacy curtain rods and cabins for vaccinations in vaccination centers or pharmacies.

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