Rectangular Aluminum Profile 14x35: Alu-satin or White

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Rectangular aluminum profile 14x35mm and accessories.
Extremely stable square profile made of aluminum, which is excellent for use in the commercial sector. If you are looking for a larger room separation solution e.g. for a hospital, a doctor's office or a changing room, you can use this profile. The attachment is made to the wall or to the ceiling. Of course, it is possible to combine wall and ceiling mounting.
We can also offer this profile in various bent shapes. Regardless of the bending and mounting type, a 100% guaranteed roundabout way of the curtain is always guaranteed. If you need a custom-made room divider, curtain room dividers, changing room systems or wind trap with curtain at the house or wind protection curtain at the restaurant, send us a sketch by email or fax and you will immediately receive an individual, non-binding offer. Each custom-made product is made in one piece and is delivered in one piece whenever possible.