Curtain Rails

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Universal curtain rails made of aluminum for attaching curtains and drapes with sliders, as well as panel curtains and flat curtains with panel wagons. Two curtain rails in one, the reversible rails.

Curtain rails as aluminum curtain rails
Curtain rails and curtain rails with an inner run made of aluminum.

We offer Stahldeko inner run rails in standard lengths or as custom-made according to your specifications (1-/2-track curtain rail also bent). These aluminum rails are reversible rails, i.e., you can use the same rail as 1-track, 2-track, 3-track or 4-track rail. Our curtain rails are suitable for decoration with curtains as well as with drapes, please use our rotary sliders for this. These folding sliders can be screwed in retrospectively, i.e., rails without cut-out holes can be installed, as the slider can be unscrewed from the inner run system. You can also use the Stahldeko aluminum rails for attaching panel curtains and flat curtains. For this, the panel wagons are provided. The rails are made of extruded aluminum and therefore have perfect sliding and running properties. The mounting of curtain rails is done directly on the ceiling, thus eliminating the small gap that can occur when using different clips or slide locks for mounting. Wall mounting is possible with an angle bracket. For ceiling mounting with suspension, please use our 1-track ceiling bracket. We are also happy to bend our 1-/2-track reversible rails for you. The roundabout disturbance-free path of the curtain is not affected by this.