Vitrage Rods

Vitrage Rods - Mini curtain rods for fixing of net curtains directly on window frames.
Vitrage Rods Cafe Rods and Window Rods

These compact rods, also called window rods or cafe rods, were first used when a minimal distance of the net curtains to the window had to be realized for any reason. The reasons for this can be varied. A particular room design or specific technical requirements for window decorations. But after that, these cafe curtains have come into fashion and have now gained in popularity. Light and airy net curtains look ideal on these elegant vitrage rods. These window rods consist of a tube with a small diameter and two brackets with minimal wall clearance that can be fixed directly to the window frame. They do not crowd into the room and, thanks to their simple and noble look, give the room additional elegance.

Vitrage Rods, Window Rods and Cafe Rods

Vitrage rods are perfect to use in the kitchen or in the bathroom. Normally, they are designed to protect the life behind the window from curious glances. Thus, you can close only the lower part of the window in the kitchen, while the upper part of the window is open to sunlight. In this respect, these mini rods are very practical items for decorating smaller rooms and windows. The latest fashion trend is the use of these mini rods for balcony window decorations and for decorating room walls with pictures and photos. You can attach these rods with screws or with adhesive plates. The different tube lengths allow you to use the rods for any window width - whether standard or special size. You can attach the net curtains directly to the rod by pulling on or they can be fastened with hooks, rings or so-called Danube clamps.