Curtain Rods, Curtain Rods and Curtain Accessories Direct from the Manufacturer

Curtain rods in various designs and in all variants for any room situation

We are manufacturers of decoration articles made of V2A stainless steel, high-quality brass and aluminum for room design in the modern apartment. At Stahldeko, you can buy the curtain rods Ø 10, 16, 20 and 28mm, for wall mounting or ceiling mounting, with various support systems and end pieces online or directly in our factory sale. All curtain rods available in 1- or 2-rail version. Sets differ in shape of the carrier and their function, number of runs (rods), use of inner tubes, rings or steel hooks, on end button - shapes. Deliverable lengths from 100cm every 20cm to 600cm, or made to measure. With standard shipping, the curtain rod longer than 260cm is divided in the middle and a connection adapter is included. All our curtain rods can be obtained as a complete set or in individual parts under curtain accessories.
The pipes are made of high-quality V2A stainless steel and aluminum and due to the good bending properties, many bay window solutions and other custom-made products can be realized.
All our single-rail carrier systems are also suitable for ceiling mounting of a curtain rod.

Stainless Steel Curtain Rods: Round Tube Ø 10mm

We recommend stainless steel curtain brackets with a tube diameter of 10 mm for light drapes. For these style sets, we offer our modern 1-track or 2-track bracket systems, Sont-10. The single-track rod holder Sont-10 is suitable for both wall and ceiling mounting, while the double-track mounting system Sont-10 is exclusively for wall mounting. You can customize the sets according to your personal preferences to create the perfect combination for your home.

Stainless Steel Curtain Rods: Round Tube Ø 16mm

Our stainless steel window rails with a tube diameter of 16 mm are ideal for light to medium-weight curtain fabrics and window hangings. For this rod cross-section, we offer five different bracket systems: Pfosten-16, Sont-16, Primo-16, Top-16, and Wandlager-16. Each of these mounting systems is available as a single-track rod bracket for one rail and as a double-track bracket for two parallel rails. All single-track rod carriers can be used for both wall and ceiling mounting, while the double-track carriers are only suitable for wall installation. With our 16-mm curtain brackets, you can customize a suitable configuration for your room and request it.

Stainless Steel Curtain Rods: Round Tube Ø 20mm

If you're in the market for curtain brackets suitable for medium to heavy drapes, you'll certainly find what you're looking for in our range. We offer a selection of stainless steel window rods with a diameter of 20 mm, tailored for such types of window hangings. To simplify your search, we have various rod bracket models for this specific tube diameter.
Our 20-mm rod mounting systems include the Top-20, Sont-20, Universal-20, and Wandlager-20. Each of these bracket models is available as a single-track bracket for one tube or as a double-track bracket for two parallel tubes. All single-track brackets can be used for both ceiling and wall mounting, while the double-track brackets are only suitable for wall installation.
To provide you with even more flexibility when assembling your curtain sets, we've developed a configurator for 20-mm curtain brackets. With this tool, you can select your preferred combination and purchase it straightforwardly and conveniently.
We hope you'll find the perfect curtain rail tailored to your needs in our collection. If you have further questions or need assistance with your selection, we're here to help.

Stainless Steel Curtain Rods: Round Tube Ø 28mm

If you're looking to hang heavy window drapes and curtains, such as acoustic, stage, blackout, and thermal curtains, we recommend our 28-mm curtain brackets. These are sturdy enough to support the weight of heavier drapes while offering a tasteful solution for your home or workspace.
For these brackets, we provide our single-track and double-track mounting systems, Sont-28 and Primo-28. The single-track rod holder, both Sont-28 and Primo-28, is suitable for both wall and ceiling installation, whereas the double-track holder Primo-28 is exclusively designed for wall mounting. Both mounting systems ensure a stable and secure support for your curtain rail.
You can customize the curtain brackets according to your desires and needs and combine them with our various end pieces and accessories to create a tailor-made solution for your premises. If you have any questions or need assistance in assembling your curtain rod, we are always here to help.

Brass Curtain Rods: Round Tube Ø 16mm

For our customers looking to add a special charm to their room with brass accents, we offer curtain rods made of brass with a diameter of 16 mm. Our brass window rods are made of top-quality solid brass and provide a durable and stylish solution for your window design. For these rods, we offer our single-track or double-track brackets called Pfosten-16. The single-track rod holder Pfosten-16 is suitable for wall and ceiling installation, while the double-track holder Pfosten-16 is exclusively designed for wall mounting.
You can mix and match the brass curtain brackets as you see fit to create a tailor-made solution for your space. We also offer a wide range of end elements and accessories to complement your brass curtain tracks perfectly and give your room an elegant and timeless ambiance. Should you have any questions or need assistance in assembling your curtain bracket, we are always at your service.

Inner Track Curtain Rods: Round Aluminum Profile Ø 20mm

Beyond traditional round tube curtain rods, we also manufacture what are known as inner track curtain rods. The distinction between these systems is in the shape of the tube used. All inner track rods have a groove, also called a glider track, where the gliders with curtain hooks can move. This allows the curtains to be moved along the entire length of the curtain rod. The mounting systems for these inner track profiles are designed so that the glider track always remains free, ensuring an absolutely uninterrupted movement of the curtain.
For production reasons, plastics or aluminum are used to produce such a shape, also referred to as a profile. We use inner track profiles made of aluminum in various shapes – round or square – and with different finishes like stainless steel look, white, and black. These perfectly match the other elements of the curtain rod, such as holders and end pieces.
These inner track rods can be mounted on the wall, directly on the ceiling, or suspended from the ceiling. We offer numerous suitable support systems made of aluminum or stainless steel, both single-track and double-track brackets. Additionally, we have the capability to bend all of our inner track rods, ensuring we can always offer our customers a perfectly curved curtain rod in any shape and size. Even with curved rods, you can freely move your curtains, drapes, and sheers from one side to the other, regardless of the shape or type of mounting.

Curved Curtain Rods

Custom Curtain Rods: Curved stainless steel tubes or aluminum inner-track rods according to individual drawings.
In this category of curtain rods, we offer you not only standard sizes but also the opportunity to perfect your interior design with the elegant and custom-made design of our curtain rods. Whether as a semi-circle or a full circle – your creativity and imagination have no limits. Stahldeko Metal Design curtain rods are available in various sizes and shapes, so we offer a diverse selection for a variety of tastes. Our top priority is to meet individual customer needs and to collaborate with you to create a modern ambiance.
Potential applications for our custom-made curtain rods are manifold. They include curtain rods for living areas, wind protection and cold protection curtain rods for outdoor use, room dividers and changing cabins in sales areas, as well as privacy curtain rods and vaccination booths in vaccination centers or pharmacies. Our flexible solutions assist you in optimally utilizing the space and creating an appealing atmosphere. Discover the possibilities and let yourself be inspired by our individual curtain rod designs.

Vitrage Rods: Round Tube Ø 10mm, Stainless Steel

Vitrage rods - compact curtain rods for mounting net curtains directly on the window frame.
Vitrage rods, also known as sash rods or café rods, are mini-curtain rods that were originally designed to mount net curtains with minimal distance from the window. The reasons for this can vary, such as a specific room design or special technical requirements for window decoration. Over time, these café curtains have gained popularity and have become a stylish choice for modern room designs.
Light and airy net curtains look particularly appealing on these elegant vitrage rods. The rods consist of a slender tube and two supports with minimal wall distance, which can be mounted directly to the window frame. As a result, they take up little space and add extra elegance to the room with their simple and refined design.
Vitrage rods are excellent for subtle window decoration in living and working spaces. They allow for understated design and blend harmoniously into various interior styles. Moreover, they are easy to mount and offer a practical solution for hanging net curtains without overcrowding the room.
Discover the diverse applications of vitrage rods and give your home or workplace a unique touch with these stylish and space-saving mini-curtain rods.