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Curtain rails, profiles, tubes and curtain accessories of aluminium

Award winner 2003

Room dividing railings

Aluminium design with Stahldeko: curtain tracks, hand drawn tracks and room dividing railings, profiles and tubes with aluminium track channel.
In this product group you will find a review of our high-grade aluminium track and profile systems. All profiles are made of aluminium and win over thanks to innovative, technically attractive stainless steel look-alike brush surface solution. Aluminium profiles are multi-channel wall mount channel tracks to attach textile curtains on. Track channel allows an uninterrupted sliding way of curtain, so you can implement a consistent design solution in entire living and office area. Aluminum room dividing railings and aluminium hand drawn tracks suit ideally for shower divider and cabin divider.

8 products in Room dividing railings (all prices include VAT 19%)

Vorhangschiene 16 Aluminium, als Innenlaufschiene

Curtain rail made of aluminium, as rail with interior track 16mm, wi...

Aluminium rail as looped rail for part in drape rods with brackets 16mm, for free slide way of the curtains.

Plastic finial for aluminium profile 20mm

Plastic end cap for aluminium profile 20mm, simple mounting. Material plastic in fake stainless steel.

Plastic finial for aluminium profile, tubes and rods 16mm

Plastic end cap for aluminium profile, as well as stainless steel tubes and rods 16mm, simple mounting. Material plastic in fake stainless steel.


Ceiling bracket Direkt for 16 and 20mm aluminium room divider railing...

Ceiling mount with high bearing capacity for aluminium curtain rails, perfect for shower and cabin dividers.

Ceiling bracket for 16 and 20mm aluminium profiles, lenghts available...

Ceiling fix for aluminium profiles, complete bracket system with variable lenghts, incl. support material made of stainless steel V2A, perfect for shower curtain.

Profile made of aluminium, as 20mm tube with interior track, with gl...

Aluminium profile as room divider railing for use in curtain rods with brackets 20mm, for unlimited curves of curtain, incl. glide and pleat hooks.


Aluminium curve for 16mm aluminium profiles, incl. 2 connectors

20 x 20cm aluminium bow, right angle, for inner corner or outer corner, 16mm aluminium profile systems for curtain slide in corner or bay decoration, also used as curve or round bow.

Aluminium curve for 20mm aluminium profiles, incl. 2 connectors

20 x 20cm aluminium bow shaped as inner bow or outer bow, 90 or 135 angle, 20mm aluminium profile systems, unlimited sliding of curtain for both corner and bay windows

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Curtain rails, profiles, tubes and curtain accessories of aluminium

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