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Bathroom decoration: 16mm stainless steel rod for shower curtain, straight single sided shower divider.

Award winner 2003


Stainless steel rod 16mm for shower curtain, straight shower separation on one side, without rings and hooks

Rod 16mm made of V2A-stainless steel, for shower curtain with loops or eyelets, with Wandlager, for separation of shower cabin or bathtub on one side

Including VAT (19%)plus Shipping costs
Delivery time: 
max. 7 workdays
* If necessary, put in the field "shorten by:" a figure in cm, in this way we can cut the  shower curtain rod up to the required length (tube shorten by 13mm/ per 1 pc. Wandlager).
* Other lengths - price on request
Mounting system for shower curtain rods 16mm
Bathroom decoration : mounting system Wandlager 16 for shower curtain rods 16mm Mounting system Wandlager 16.
The Wandlager plate is mounted with Spax-screw on the wall. The tube for shower curtains is pushed through the bracket, Wandlager is screwed on the plate and the stainless steel tube is fixed with set srews. Shorten tube by 13mm/ per 1 pc. Wandlager
Bathroom decoration Sont 16 as ceiling bracket for shower curtain with  16 mm rod Middle ceiling bracket "Sont 16" (not in the scope of supply)
Recommended for shower curtain rods  16mm  longer than 180 cm
 Sont 16 short as ceiling bracket for shower separation, bathroom decoration Middle ceiling bracket "Sont 16 short" (not in the scope of supply)
Recommended for shower curtain rods  16mm  longer than 180 cm
Bathroom decoration - rod bracket Pfosten16 for shower curtain mounting on the ceiling Middle ceiling bracket "Pfosten 16" (not in the scope of supply)
Recommended for shower curtain rods  16mm  longer than 180 cm. Also bracket extensions can be supplied.
Stahldeko products for bathroom decoration, shower curtain rod 16mm made of V2A-stainless steel, without rings, without steel hooks.
Bathroom decoration with Stahldeko: straight shower curtain solution, complete set 16mm made of stainless steel, with bracket system Wandlager 16. Perfect solution for shower separation or bathtub separation on one side. Looped shower curtain or curtain with eyelets is mounted directly on the rod.
description: rod for shower divider, with V2A stainless steel rod 16mm, without rings and without hooks, straight shape, for shower divider and bathtub divider
(depending on modification): 
V2A - stainless steel 18/10, DIN WNR 1.4301, inox, heat resistant, impact resistant, suitable for indoor and outdoor use, easy to clean
Machining: high accuracy machining with CNC-automatic lathe
Surface: polished surfaces, very good optical homogeneity, Particle distribution 240, optically raised
Suitable: for shower dividers and bathtub dividers
shower curtains
directly on the rod, for shower curtain with eyelets
Bracket system: rod bracket Wandlager-16, V2A stainless steel
end knob: Wall bracket, at the same time as shower curtain rod bracket
(depending on the modification): 
wall mounting, 1-point fixing with Spax-screw, wall-to-wall mounting
Lengths: 100 cm, 140 cm, 180 cm, Other lengths, sizes, shapes are possible on request
Accessory: additionally supplied: bracket, rings, hooks, finials, joints, tie-back, tubes, wall bracket, ceiling bracket

Stahldeko exclusive: Shower curtain rods bend to measure
In addition to standard forms of curtain Shower rods, we also offer all our rods in any other form, bent completely on your needs and situation, and made room for. Whether square bay windows, fancy bathrooms and shower stalls, curved walls and ceilings, skylights and roof slopes - for all this, we offer tailor-made solutions. Just send your sketch or drawing by Email, Fax: ++49 9104/8228399 or Post us, you will immediately receive an offer. Of course, all the needed support, wall brackets, ceiling suspensions, and mounting materials are everywhere. Do they have any further questions? contact us!
Here are some examples of the form of curved Shower curtain rods
Shower curtain rods S-Form to bend Shower curtain rods circular ring and to bend Rod semicircular to bend Rails for shower curtains quarter circle arc to bend Profile for shower curtains and curved form schlangenfom to bend Straight rail turn and semicircular
rod S-shaped bent Shower Curtain - Rod full circle rod as a half circle turn quarter circle and segment - Bending curved profile semicircle with straight, curved extensions
Profil for shower curtains bend Quadrat Pipes for shower curtains in U-shape to bend Pipe shower rods for bending L-shape Pipe bent and straight to bend tube with an internal current for Shower curtain rods turn measure Shower curtain pipes and seemed trapeze to bend
square-bending for tubes and profiles U-shape curved rods and tracks L-shape bent tubes and aluminum profiles shower rod as a curve with straight extension Any angle bend trapezoidal curved shower curtain - rods



other shower curtain rods

Duschvorhangstange Viertelkreis-Duschwanne




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Bathroom decoration: 16mm stainless steel rod for shower curtain, straight single sided shower divider.

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