1-track stainless steel-V2A curtain rods for wall mounting

Single-track curtain rods for wall mounting
Single-track curtain rods for wall mounting.

With the single-track version of our high-quality V2A stainless steel rods, all kinds of curtains come to their best advantage due to the extraordinary yet simple look.
You can order our curtain rods made of stainless steel in the common rod diameters 10, 16, 20 and 28 mm. To cater especially to our customers' wishes, we also manufacture individually according to your ideas and wishes. This model is available in the versions 10mm Ø, 16 mm Ø, 20 mm Ø and 28mm Ø.

Round Tube Ø 10mm, Stainless Steel

We recommend using window tracks made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel with a tube diameter of 10 mm for lightweight curtains. For this type of curtain bracket, we offer our contemporary single-track mounting systems named Sont-10. The single-track rod holder Sont-10 is extremely versatile and can be mounted both on the wall and the ceiling. You can customize the bracket systems according to your individual ideas to create the ideal combination for your home.

Round Tube Ø 16mm, Stainless Steel

Our curtain brackets with a diameter of 16 mm are ideal for lightweight to medium-weight window curtains and sheers. For this tube diameter, we offer five different mounting systems: Pfosten-16, Sont-16, Primo-16, Top-16, and Wandlager-16. Each of these bracket systems is available as a single-track holder for a single window rod. All single-track rod holders can be used as wall or ceiling mounts.
You have the option to create and order a customized combination from our 16mm curtain rods for your premises.

Round Tube Ø 20mm, Stainless Steel

If you are looking for a suitable curtain bracket for medium-weight or heavy window decorations, you are sure to find something in our range. We offer a selection of curtain rods, curtain rails, and window rails made of stainless steel with a diameter of 20 mm, suitable for these types of curtains and window drapes. To simplify your search, we provide various models of rod holders, curtain brackets, and mounting systems for this tube diameter.
Our range of 20-mm brackets includes curtain rods with curtain tubes like Top-20, Sont-20, Universal-20, and Wandlager-20. Each of these bracket models is available in a single-track version. Single-track brackets can be mounted both on the ceiling and on the wall.
To provide you with even more flexibility in designing your window decorations, we've developed a configurator for 20-mm curtain fittings. With this configurator, you can select your desired combination and conveniently order it.
We are confident that you will discover the perfect curtain rod, curtain rail, or window rail for your requirements with us. If you have any further questions or need assistance in selecting end elements, end caps, curtain rings, curtain hangers, rod holders, or mounting systems, we are happy to provide guidance.

Round Tube Ø 28mm, Stainless Steel

If you wish to elegantly hang full-length window curtains and heavy draperies like acoustic, stage, blackout, and cold protection curtains, we recommend our robust 28mm curtain rods. These are sturdy enough to bear the weight of heavy window drapes, offering a tailored solution for your home or workplace.
For the rod installation, we provide our single-track systems Sont-28 and Primo-28. The single-track curtain holder Sont-28 and Primo-28 is suitable for mounting on the wall or ceiling. Both systems ensure solid and secure support for your curtain bracket.
You have the option to customize the curtain rods and combine them with various end caps and hanging systems to craft a tailored solution for your spaces. If you need assistance in making a selection or putting together a combination, we are happy to offer our support.

Round Tube Ø 16mm, Brass

For customers who wish to add a special touch to their room ambiance with brass accents, we offer curtain rails made of brass with a diameter of 16 millimeters. Our brass curtain rods are made of high-quality solid brass and offer a stylish and durable option for your window design. For these rails, we provide our single-track holders named Pfosten-16. The single-track rod holder Pfosten-16 can be mounted both on the wall and on the ceiling.
You have the opportunity to customize the brass curtain rails according to your individual preferences, creating a tailor-made solution for your premises. Additionally, we offer an extensive selection of end knobs and accessories to optimally complement your brass curtain brackets, giving your room a sophisticated and timeless ambiance. If you have any questions or need assistance in assembling your curtain bracket, we are happy to assist.