Ø16 mm 1-track V2A stainless steel curtain rods for wall mounting

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16mm diameter wall mounting curtain rods from stainless steel 1-track
16mm diameter 1-track curtain rods for wall mounting.

The single-track style set,16mm Ø, from Stahldeko Metal Design, is very popular for designing living rooms with stylish curtains, eyelet scarves or loop curtains. This exquisite design is rounded off by the matching end buttons.
Installing the curtain rods from Stahldeko Metal Design is easy and smooth thanks to the extensive accessories, and allows you to install your set according to your wishes.

Stahldeko stainless steel - Decoration for your windows and own room setup and living ideas.

Style sets made of V2A - Stainless steel with the rod Ø 16mm for window decoration and room setup. Curtain sets and curtain rods differ in the form of the brackets and their function, number of runs (rods), use of rings or steel hooks, end piece - shapes.
Available lengths from 100cm every. 20cm up to 600cm, or made to measure. In standard shipping, the stainless steel tube is divided in the middle from a length of 260cm and a connection adapter is included.
You can obtain each of our curtain rod and curtain rod as a complete style set or in individual parts. The delivery time for all curtain sets - models offered here is max. 7 working days from stock.