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Please negotiate claims for returns with us in advance


Claims for returns for whatever reason should be negotiated with us in advance. Without preliminary agreement claims for returns will not be accepted.

Important in the delivery by UPS:
  • They are committed to the delivery accuracy and completeness check. Missing u. / od. damaged goods od packages, as well as visible damage must be displayed directly with the carrier and certified with the signature to be justified (insurance regulation). Obvious defects can be reported in writing within 14 days of invoice or delivery date. Defects in a part of the delivery do not entitle to reject the entire delivery. Claims will our liability is limited so that the buyer, at our discretion, has the right to exchange, repair, replacement od compensation of equivalent value. All further claims for conversion, reduction od shall be excluded. Returns, for whatever reason, must be agreed in advance with us. Not agreed returns will be refused acceptance.
Revocation of the order:
  • Ordered items, you can cancel by email or fax ++49 9104/8228399.
For further questions please contact at tel. (private customer): ++49 9104/8238183, tel. (trader): ++49 9104/8238187, fax ++49 9104/8228399 or email disposal.
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