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Railing systems: more space in the kitchen with stainless steel railing system.

Award winner 2003

Railing systems

Make your kitchen bigger with Stahldeko stainless steel railing models.
Gain more space to work and create additional floor space in your kitchen with our elaborate stainless steel railing systems. Just hang everything you dont need at the moment on the railing rod, so you can have more place on your countertop and all kitchen tools, kitchen utensils, towels and potholders are close and always at hand. Very practical and, thanks to special V2A stainless steel bracket, very stable railing you can hang straining spoons, cooking spoons and ladles on. And after cooking you can quickly put them away.
Stahldeko railings are always characterized by the highest quality, plain modern design and unlimited adaptabilities. For their production we only use V2A stainless steel as this material suits the best for the kitchen and is heat-proof, impact-resistant and extremely easy to clean, which is particularly important. You can mount Stahldeko railing systems on wall, kitchen cupboards or countertop.
In our online shop you can directly order straight standard executions but we can also manufacture for you made-to-measure railing solutions. For any corner, bay, oriel, bevel face or round wall you will get from us a railing to your specification. Just send us a sketch per fax: ++49 9104/8228399 or email and you will receive an offer for your individual railing.

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Design railing Sont10, stainless steel V2A system Sont10 for kitchen f...

Railing with stainless steel rod 10mm, railing bracket system Sont 10, in 8 standard lengths or according to measurements. Wall, working surface mounting or base mounting, e.g. under the bottom of a hanging shelf or hanging cupboard. Bent modifications

Kitchen railing, system Pfosten 16, material stainless steel incl. rai...

Kitchen railing with stainless steel tube 16mm, railing bracket Pfosten 16, in 8 fixed lengths or according to measurements. Wall mount , working surface mount or under the bottom of a kitchen shelf of kitchen cupboard. Bent railing is also possible!

Railing for kitchen, system Pfosten 10 stainless steel V2A incl. hooks...

Railing system with stainless steel tube 10mm, railing bracket Pfosten 10, in 8 standard lengths or according to measurements. Mounting on the wall , working surface or under the bottom of a shelf of cupboard. Bent solutions are also possible!

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Railing systems: more space in the kitchen with stainless steel railing system.

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