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Drapery rods 28mm.

Award winner 2003

28 drapery rods

Stahldeko metal design window decoration for your house and flat.
28mm drapery rods made of V2A stainless steel and nickel-plated steel for window decoration and room design. Decorative style curtain rod sets and curtain rods vary in shape and function of brackets, number of poles (stainless steel tubes), usage of rings or steel hooks, end button shapes.
Shipping lengths: from 100cm up to 600cm in 20cm increments or custom sized. As per standard shipping stainless steel rods with the lengths from 260cm are supplied cut in two similar pieces with stable connectors.
You can purchase each of our curtains or drapery rods as a complete decorative style curtain rod set or as separate pieces. Shipping time for all models of curtain rod sets offered here makes up to max. 7 working days ex stock.

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Drape rod Primo28 - Zylinder, double-rail.

Complete double-rail drape rod with stainless steel V2A tube 28 mm, bracket system Primo28 made of stainless steel V2A, end knob Zylinder made of stainless steel. For drape decoration with loops.

Drape rod Primo28 -Zylinder, single-rail.

Complete 1-rail drape rod made of stainless steel V2A, with stainless steel tube 28 mm, bracket system Primo28, end knob Zylinder. For looped drapes decoration.

Ring 28 made of nickelized steel, with pleat hooks, flat modification,...

Steel ring with clip hooks also above mentioned pleat hooks, for drape rods 28 mm. Specifically noiseless due to internal plastic insert. For custom manufacture and expansion of Decotechnic products.


Stainless steel tube 28 mm, V2A stainless steel.

Stainless steel tube 28 mm, for expansion and custom manufacture of drape rods and deco-sets.

Bracket Primo 28, for tubes and rods 28 mm, stainless steel V2A

1- or 2-rail bracket system Primo, for tubes and rods 28 mm. Bracket made of stainless steel V2A for drape rods.

Finial Zylinder 28, made of stainless steel, for drape rods 28 mm

Deco-knob made of V2A-stainless steel, for rods and tubes 28 mm. For custom manufacture of drape rods and decorations.

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Drapery rods 28mm.

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