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Designer accessories: Pfosten 16 massive brass rod bracket.

Award winner 2003


Rod bracket Pfosten 16, solid brass.

1- or 2-rail bracket system Pfosten made of brass, for tubes and rods 16 mm. Recommended accessory: base plate.

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max. 7 workdays
Rod bracket Pfosten 16:
Application examples and mounting system
Brass bracket Pfosten16 1-rail 2-rail bracket Pfosten16 made of brass
Complete bracket system Pfosten 16: rod bracket + base plate (separately available)
For designer mounting system Pfosten 16 2-rail
Mounting system Pfosten16, 2-rail
Mounting system Pfosten16 1-rail, with extension
Mounting system: extension (50mm) for bracket Pfosten16. Suitable for single- and double-rail rod brackets.
Designer accessory, rod bracket Pfosten 16, solid brass.
Designer accessory by Stahldeko: closed rod bracket made of brass for all rods and tubes with 16mm. Supplied as 1-rail or 2-rail bracket. Mounting with bolts and Spax-screw, bore holes and screws are closed with base plate (separately available). The tube is put from the side and fixed with a set screw. With this bracket system you can easily make drapery decoration on the floor, and then mount the completely decorated rod on the wall or ceiling (single-rail only). With the help of extensions (separately available)  you can change the distance to the wall in 50mm-steps.
description: Rod bracket Pfosten 16, solid brass.
(depending on modification): 
solid brass, DIN MS.65, suitable for indoor and outdoor use, easy to clean
Machining: high accuracy machining with CNC-automatic lathe
Surface: polished surfaces, very good optical homogeneity, Particle distribution 240, optically raised, covered with impact resistant protective varnish
Suitable: for drape rods with the rod 16mm
Dimensions: Distances: wall-1st rail 90mm, 1st rail-2nd rail 54mm
(depending on the modification): 
1-point fixing with bolts and Spax-screws
extras: Recommended accessory: base plate



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Designer accessories: Pfosten 16 massive brass rod bracket.

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