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Professional consulting and proper assembly.

Award winner 2003

Expert consulting and professional mount by Stahldeko

Competent answers to all technical questions.

Expert consulting and professional mount by Stahldeko

You will receive from us competent answers to all technical questions concerning Stahldeko products. We can mount ordered curtain sets at your home if requested.

Expert advice and professional installation

Expert advice:
  • For all questions about Stahldeko products, supply and delivery you get with us competent answers.
    Monday through Fri from 7 am 20 clock
    Phone: ++49 9104/8238183
    Fax: ++49 9104/8228399
Professional installation (only in Germany):
  • Leave the assembly of their products Stahldeko our expert. We mount directly to your home quickly and reliably at an additional cost of EUR 20,-  per set, but only if you have goods from EUR 700,-  ordered to us. 
    Please contact us at Phone: ++49 9104/8238183.
For further questions please contact at tel. (private customer): ++49 9104/8238183, tel. (trader): ++49 9104/8238187, fax ++49 9104/8228399 or email disposal.
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