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Stahldeko delivery service.

Award winner 2003

Delivery service by Stahldeko

Within Germany or worldwide

Delivery service by Stahldeko

Within Germany or worldwide: you also have choice of shipping, either we ship direct to your address or to another address indicated as the shipping address, e.g. address of your relatives, friends, place of your employment.

Shipping Methods

Standard Parcel Service

Maximum packet length of 260 cm! The pipes and profiles, from a length over 260 cm, divided in the middle. Connection adapter is included.
L-shape, U-shape and quarter-circle items are delivered in one piece!
  • DE (Germany)
    Fixed price:
    excl. eventual additional product surcharges

Oversize Parcel Service

For Stahldeko products over 260cm to 400cm in length! The tubes and profiles are delivered in one piece. Only Germany!
  • Germany
    Fixed price:
    excl. eventual additional product surcharges
We ship:
  • Direct to you
    We ship all items via UPS to the principle directly to your house. If you should not be at home, the UPS delivery driver tried with the other two times.
  • Shipping to all other countries
    All other countries, we use the full UPS shipping costs and possibly even the customs duties charged. We will share these on request. Shipping for your country, you can estimate at:
Delivery of parts over 2,60 m:
  • Curtain sets with the tube up to 2,60 m is delivered in one piece.
    Curtain sets are larger than 2,60 m shared with us in the middle or to their data.
    Tubes, which were shared with us, we provide a connection with bolts made of plastic. With this pin, you can easily connect and disconnect two pipes with each other several times.
Delivery times 
  • Standard delivery
    We ship all items by UPS from the factory in principle within seven working days, ie, their order no later than seven days after receipt of Purchase Order (for payment in advance: after receipt of the order amount to our account) delivered to UPS. We grant to you on request by email or fax their UPS tracking number and date of dispatch. You can send broadcast annex of the UPS tracking number below follow: 
For further questions please contact at tel. (private customer): ++49 9104/8238183, tel. (trader): ++49 9104/8238187, fax ++49 9104/8228399 or email disposal.
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